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This website is created to reach out to all such viewers and readers, irrespectinve of their religious affiliation, who wish to know about Islam as it is taught by the Quran and Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. In this respect, we wish to achieve the following goals.

1. We wish to provide authentic information about Islam in an unbiased perspective so as to emancipate Islam’s position on relevant contemporary issues. We believe that this is the only positive way to clarify misconceptions about Islam and refute allegations. We wish to promote positive communication among views.

2. We will concentrate on explaining the teachings of Islam and avoid making negative comments against other religions. We wish to create an atmosphere in which all religions are asserted with due respect. A reference to other religions will be made only for such comparative purpose which are needed for showing a similarity or difference between two religions achieve a scholarly end.

3. Relevant books, articles and videos will be uploaded on the website to achieve the mentioned goals.

4. We will add more features to the wish list to serve our visitors as best as possible

5. We wish to create a circle of readers who approach issues with a view to enlighten themselves and others in order to bring into world which is the best place to contribute to the genuine welfare of human kind.

6. We will not take up secretarian issues which are divisive. We will try to take a position which unites rather than divide.

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