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Is Islam a Violent Religion


True, it is widely acknowledged that violence is not related to any specific religion, but at the same time whenever an incident of violence takes place, eyes automatically turn toward Muslims and fingers point at them. In such a situation their religious identity is hyped without fail, whereas non-Muslims, an individual or a group, committing the same offense are never identified by their religion. The statement of a famous Indian politician that “all Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims,” reflects the same mindset.

Islam Architect of Progressive Civilization


A new allegation against Islam is in the air nowadays. It is said that Islam is incompatible with the ideology of progress and is therefore a misfit in the modern world. Graham E. Fuller mentions it with his stricture in these words: “What is most disturbing is that we now face quite extraordinary remarks from the entire class of right-wing ideologists who actually challenge the fundamental humanity of Muslims – as products of a culture that is fundamentally incapable of joining global civilization – as if Islam had had no major part in creating it.”

Prophet Muhammad’s Multiple Marriages


Critics of Islam have raised questions about the multiple marriages of Prophet Muhammad, blessings and peace be on him, and have alleged that he was a sensual man (we seek Allah’s refuge against this allegation). Had they tried to learn about the background of the Prophet’s marriages, they would have acknowledged that all his marriages were contracted for extending support and protection to women in distress, or for even nobler objectives.

Sayyid Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi A Memoir


Like a lamp
burning in an assembly alone
yet providing light to all around
(sham’ae mehfil ki tarah sab se juda, sab ka rafeeq)

The present book by Dr. Shah Ebadur Rahman will be accorded a distinguished position in biographical literature especially for the reason that the personal memories of Sheikh Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi that he has narrated in it will make many readers, who also intimately knew Sheikh Nadwi, feel that he is telling their stories. This is undoubtedly the charm of writing which is born out of sheer love: it rises from the author’s heart and captivates the hearts of the readers. The author’s story is actually transformed into a narrative in which so many others will find the throb of their hearts.

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Raepuri Teachings on Moral Rectification (Tazkiyae Nafs)


People have misunderstood Tasawwuf. It is, in fact, another name of following the Shariah. It is a shortcoming in a person that he does not follow Islamic teachings. The Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, the Sahabah and all godly persons have followed the teachings of the Shariah all their lives.

[Sheikh Abdul Qadir Raepuri]

Was Islam Spread by Sword?


The present study aims at looking at the validity of the allegation that Islam was spread by sword. For this
purpose we will take a look at all the battles that Prophet Muhammad fought and try to investigate what led to
those battles, how the Prophet conducted himself in them and how he treated his opponents, irrespective of his
victory or defeat. If sword was behind the spread of Islam, as alleged, then the battles fought by the Prophet of Islam should be the most revealing spots to find it out.