Sheikh Abdul Qadir Raepuri Teachings on Moral Rectification (Tazkiyae Nafs) ebook

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People have misunderstood Tasawwuf. It is, in fact, another name of following the Shariah. It is a shortcoming in a person that he does not follow Islamic teachings. The Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, the Sahabah and all godly persons have followed the teachings of the Shariah all their lives.

[Sheikh Abdul Qadir Raepuri]


Sheikh Abdul Qadir Raepuri Teachings on Moral Rectification (Tazkiyae Nafs)

Book Type ebook
Author Dr. Shah Ebadur Rahman Neshat
Languae English
Pages 177
ISBN Awaited
Publisher Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi Study Circle, New Delhi


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Maulana Sayyid Abul Hasan Ali Hasani Nadwi, famous Islamic scholar of the 20th century, mentioned to me on two different occasions that it was the need of the time to dispel prevalent misunderstanding and growing misinformation about Tasawwuf and promote correct information relating to it. He considered it necessary to identify and refute the mistaken views and practices that had crept into Tassawwuf due to the ignorance and insincerity of a section of its practioners, but he also believed that Tasawwuf, which covered tazkiya and ihsaan (moral rectification and God  consciousness of the highest form), should be retained in its correct form and prestine purity and allotted the prominent place it deserved as an institution rendering moral guidance for character building and creating an Islamic social order. He held that if Muslims ignored the importance of tazkiyae nafs (rectitude) and lost faith in the work done for it from the platform of Tasawwuf, they would miss the true spirit of godliness, sincerity (ikhlas) and ihsan which were the quintessence of the Islamic shariah.



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